The Bears' Vacation is a 1966 Beginner Book starring the Berenstain Bears. Written and illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

Plot Edit

The Bear Family is going on a summer vacation. They stay at a beach house. While Mama watches her husband and Small Bear, Papa shows him the dangers of the beach. Papa explains the first rule: watch our for warning signs. Small Bear sees a sign saying "STRONG UNDERTOW", and Papa gets caught in the current. Small Bear rescues him.

For the second rule, Papa shows his son how to be careful when diving. He has to make sure it's all clear before you jump in. Small Bear see there's a twig in the water. Papa doesn't mind and dives in, only to get struck in the head by an log underwater. Small Bear tells him even a twig can be bad.

For rule number three, Papa tells his son to beware of all rocks when surfing. Papa claims the surf will not reach the rocks, but Small Bear notices a big wave behind them, causing them to go flying onto the rocks.

For rule number four, Papa tells his son they have to be careful of dangerously sharp shells when walking. Small Bear notices a sharp shell. When he asks his dad if he can keep it, Papa tells him to wait as he goes on to the next rule: Watch what you touch. They may be alive.

Next, Papa and Small Bear go sailing, while Papa tells him rule number six: Keep a sharp lookout. Small Bear looks from behind and sees a yacht passing them. Finally, Papa tells his son one more rule: when they're underwater they have to beware of dangerous spaces, such as caves. As he examines a cave, Small Bear sees that it won't be good. The cave turns out to be a whale while the bears swim away from it. The whale hits its tail in the water, sending them flying out, and their boat is now damaged. Small Bear suddenly knows how to be safe at the shore.

Translations Edit

  • British English: The Bears' Holiday
  • Dutch: De Beren Op Vakantie

Trivia Edit

  • Differences between the original cover and the 1997 cover:
    • Mama is at the beach house.