The Bear Scouts is a 1966 Beginner Book starring the Berenstain Bears. Written and illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

Plot Edit

Today's the day the Bear Family is going out on a picnic. They're about to have it under a tree, which Papa remembers he and his wife, Mama, having there. However, their first picnic spot is next to a railroad track. So, the bears decide to pick another picnic spot.

They come to a forest with benches. Papa remembers having a school picnic there and won first place for eating the most pies in a pie eating race. However, Small Bear sees a sign up above: BIG PICNIC TODAY, and a crowd of various animals stampede out of their buses for their own picnic.

The bears then lay their picnic by a river, only to get frightened by a swarm of mosquitoes. They dash to the other side of the river and decide to have a picnic under a cliff. However, a dump truck dumps garbage on the bears.

The bears then have their picnic in the plains, only to get startled by a low-flying jet plane. The bears them come to the top of a mountain. They begin to dine and think they are safe from any dangers... Perhaps they've thought too soon, as it begins to rain and thunder.

About to give up, Papa suggests that the best place for their picnic is their home. They are now safe from hazards and finally they can eat.

Translations Edit

  • Dutch: De Beren Gaan Piknikken

Trivia Edit

  • This is the third book of the Berenstain Bears series.
  • Differences between the original cover and the 40th anniversary edition cover:
    • Mama is holding a plate of apples.
    • Papa's mouth is closed.
    • There are no plates on the blanket.
  • One of the animals in the crowd stampeding to the picnic is a look-alike of Snuff.
  • It's unknown of the story's setting is in Bear Country, as there are various humanoid animals in the big picnic that are not bears.