Robert the Rose House is a 1962 Beginner Book written by Joan Heilbroner, with illustrations by P.D. Eastman.

Plot Edit

Robert is a happy little horse. He lives in a farm with his mother and father. One day Robert has a birthday party, and all his farm animal friends are invited. When it's time for cake, Robert's mom puts the cake on the table. The cake has pretty red roses around it. Robert likes the roses. He takes a sniff, but he has a funny feeling. His nose begins to itch, and then... KERCHOO! Robert's sneeze blows everything down.

His mother calls the doctor. When the doctor checks Robert, he knows what makes him sneeze. He gives him a vase of roses. Roberts sniffs and sneezes again. The doctor tells him that roses are bad for Robert and he has to get away from them. So, Robert goes to the city, where there are not many roses and he has to find a job.

At the city, Robert gets a job as a milk wagon puller. It's a good job, and Robert likes it. When suddenly, Robert sees a man with a rose on his coat. Robert sniffs it and sneezes him down. The milkman then fires Robert.

It's hard for a horse to find a job. Then, Robert sees some equestrians, and decides to work for horseback riding. The man hires Robert and instructs him to do everything he's told to do. When he's told to go slow, he goes slow. When he's told to go fast, he goes fast. Robert does everything he's told, and likes his new job.

Then one day he takes a woman for a ride. She tells Robert she wants to buy some roses. Robert nervously walks over to the rose cart and sniffs it. He sneezes and is fired again.

Now, Robert has to look for another job. He walks for long, and at last he sees something. The police station is hiring a police horse. Robert comes in and asks for the job as a police horse, and comes out dressed in a police hat and coat. He does all kinds of police work. Then one day, three bad men go into a bank. They all dash out, their bag filled with money. Someone calls out "Help! Police! Help!" Robert looks and see that the men were bank robbers! The robbers ran over Robert. Robert has to stop those robbers. But how?

Then Robert sees a girl with a rose in her hair. He sniffs it, and then...


Robert sneezes! Never is there a sneeze like it! It's so big it knocked down the three robbers. Everyone cheers for Robert, while the city police arrests the robbers.

The next day there is a party. Everyone comes - Robert's parents, his farm friends, the doctor, and all the policeman. One of the police come to Robert and tells him he has something special for him. It's a sash made of roses, with white letters saying "THANK YOU, ROBERT". The doctor was horrified that Robert will sneeze everyone to Chicago, although when the police horse sniffs it, he does NOT get that funny feeling. His nose does NOT itch. Robert is all sneezed out, and roses never make him sneeze again.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Beginner Book written by Joan Heilbroner.
  • This is the second Book illustrated only by P.D. Eastman.
  • Early covers of the book feature a red background. The 2000 cover background is blue.