1. The Cat in the Hat
  2. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
  3. A Fly Went By
  4. The Big Jump and Other Stories
  5. A Big Ball of String
  6. Sam and the Firefly
  7. The Whales Go By
  8. Stop That Ball!
  9. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish/Are You My Mother?
  10. The King's Wish
  11. Green Eggs and Ham
  12. Put Me in the Zoo
  13. Ten Apples Up on Top!
  14. Go, Dog. Go!
  15. Little Black, A Pony
  16. A Fish Out of Water
  17. Robert the Rose Horse
  18. Snow
  19. The Big Honey Hunt
  20. Hop on Pop
  21. Dr. Seuss's ABC
  22. Summer
  23. Little Black Goes to the Circus
  24. And to Think That i Saw It on Mulberry Street
  25. Book of Animal Riddles
  26. The Bike Lesson
  27. Fox in Socks
  28. The King, the Mice and the Cheese
  29. I Wish that i Had Duck Feet
  30. The Bears' Picnic
  31. Come over to my House
  32. Babar Loses His Crown
  33. The Bear Scouts
  34. The Digging-est Dog
  35. The Travels of Doctor Dolittle
  36. Doctor Dolittle and the Pirates
  37. The Best Nest
  38. The Bears' Vacation
  39. The Early Bird
  40. King Midas and the Golden Touch
  41. The Bears' Christmas
  42. Wacky Wednesday
  43. The Bear Detectives
  44. Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!
  45. Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
  46. Please Try to Remember the First of Octember!
  47. I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!
  48. Oh Say Can You Say?
  49. The Missing Dinosaur Bone
  50. Maybe You Should Fly A Jet!
  51. The Best Mistake Ever! and Other Stories
  52. It's Not Easy Being a Bunny
  53. Spooky Riddles
  54. What Do Smurfs Do All Day?
  55. I Want To Be Somebody New!
  56. The Black Stallion
  57. Happy Birthday, Thomas!
  58. No Mail for Mitchell
  59. Toad on the Road
  60. Railroad Toad
  61. Thomas and the School Trip
  62. Pie Rats Ahoy!
  63. P. J. Funnybunny Camps Out
  64. Glasses for D. W.
  65. Stop, Train, Stop!
  66. Toad Eats Out
  67. Arthur's Reading Race
  68. New Tricks I Can Do!
  69. Anthony the Perfect Monster
  70. 4 Pups and a Worm
  71. The Crayon Box that Talked
  72. Honey Bunny Funnybunny
  73. Come Down Now, Flying Cow!
  74. Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?
  75. Arthur Tricks the Tooth Fairy
  76. Monster Munchies
  77. Flap Your Wings
  78. How the Grinch Got So Grinchy

Bright & Early BooksEdit

  1. The Foot Book
  2. The Eye Book
  3. The Ear Book
  4. Inside Outside Upside Down
  5. Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
  6. Bears on Wheels
  7. Mr. Brown Can MOO!
  8. The Nose Book
  9. Old Hat New Hat
  10. Bears in the Night
  11. The Berenstains' B Book
  12. In a People House
  13. Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!
  14. C Is For Clown
  15. The Shape of Me and Other Stuff
  16. I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words
  17. There's a Wocket in my Pocket!
  18. Great Day for Up!
  19. He Bear She Bear
  20. Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?
  21. Hooper Humperdink...? Not Him!
  22. The Hair Book
  23. The Tooth Book
  24. Wings on Things
  25. Sleepy Dog
  26. On the Moon
  27. My New Boy
  28. Snug House, Bug House
  29. Frogs in Clogs
  30. Snow Bugs
  31. Berenstains' A Book
  32. It's Not Easy Being Big!
  33. Oops, Pig!
  34. Pizza Pat
  35. 6 Sticks
  36. Mice Are Nice
  37. Mama Loves
  38. Mole in a Hole

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